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The Poem that Saved a Forest

CulturePoet Jacqueline Suskin on questions of time, transformation and activism.

Tree Songs: Paul Kelly and Siân Darling in conversation

Conversations, CultureWonderground guest poetry editors Paul Kelly and Siân Darling chat with Georgina Reid.

Northern Rivers

PoetryA poem by Paul Kelly.


PoetryA poem by Thomas Hardy.

Beach Beat (Public Acts of Indecency)

PoetryNew poetry by Scott-Patrick Mitchell.

Love Letters to Country

Culture, PeopleGamilaraay writer Marika Duczynski yarns with Wiradjuri artist, poet and author Jazz Money about language and Country.


PoetryA poem by India Flint.

The Well of Grief

PoetryA poem by David Whyte.


PoetryA poem by Monique Germon.

How to Build the Alps

PoetryA poem by Rachael Mead

A Tree and a Boat

PoetryA poem by Tony Birch.


PoetryA poem by Shin Yu Pai.

She-Oaked Shores

PoetryA poem by Dakota Feirer

A Collection of Odes. To Resilience, Weeds and Wishing Trees

Culture“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh

A collection of Odes: To Dirty Hands, Chairs and Un-Cool Plants

CultureGorgeous garden odes from the Planthunter Ode Project

Introducing the Planthunter Ode Project

CultureImagine an untamed and entangled garden of words that whisper, shout, murmur and yell of the beauty and importance and value of the natural world! Ode with us.

Poem: This Here, This Now

CultureA poem by Georgina Reid.

New Shoots: Kirli Saunders

PeopleMeet poet, children's author and motorcycle enthusiast, Kirli Saunders.

New Shoots: Carissa Lee

PeopleIf poet Carissa Lee were a plant she'd be a kangaroo paw.

New Shoots: Nandi Chinna, Poet and Wanderer

PeopleWriting words and wild wanderings with Nandi Chinna.

New Shoots: Plants, Poetry and Place

CultureA garden of poems is sprouting in the Melbourne Botanic Gardens this spring

Mary Oliver’s Wild and Precious Life

CultureMary Oliver is a woman of the wilderness and one of America's most celebrated poets.

New Shoots: Eileen Chong

PeopleA chat with Sydney based 'poet of small things', Eileen Chong

New Shoots: Mark Tredinnick

PeopleA chat with award-winning writer and poet Mark Tredinnick.

New Shoots: Tamryn Bennett

PeopleLife is a poem, according to multidisciplinary artist, poet, and plant lover Tamryn Bennett

Botanicarotica: A Collection of Poems

CultureFor me, poetry is perfect for capturing moments in nature. It offers a creative opportunity for the…

Islands & Forests: A Poem

CultureLouisa Miranda is a poet from northern NSW. She believes believes …

Haiku: The Instagram of the Poetry World?

Culture“Haikus confuse me Too often they make no sense Hand me the pliers” Bumper sticker…

Emily’s Herbarium

Botanica, CultureIn August 2013, Tavi Gevinson, the teenage editor of girl’s magazine Rookie, wrote about how keeping a journal…

The Planthunter’s Royal Botanic Poetry Trail

GardensThere is something very powerful about the way gardens and poetry affect us. In many ways, they encourage…

Power: A Poetry Playlist

CultureSome biologists will tell you that the beautiful ecosystems plants create are really war zones, but this…

Ode To The Onion

CulturePablo Neruda, what a man! The Chilean poet, who died in 1973, knew a thing or two…

Ode To The Lemon

CultureDid you know that Pablo Neruda used to write in green ink? To him, the colour…

Ode to the Artichoke

CultureYes, Pablo Neruda, that steamy South American wordsmith is back. We couldn’t resist sharing Ode To The…