Wonderground opens for submissions twice per year. Below are some notes on what we look for in a piece of writing, and information on how to submit a pitch.

Wonderground publishes stories that resonate beyond aesthetics or quick opinion. It’s not a place for dogmatism and right/wrong, but for questions and curiosity and openness to holding multiple perspectives. We’re interested in stories that come from the heart, and ideas that grow from experience and deep thought.

We suggest to all who submit that they read the most recent issues of Wonderground to acquaint themselves with material we publish. Subscriptions are available here.

Wonderground is: Curious, honest, smart, accessible, provocative, generous, irreverent, warm, unpretentious.

Wonderground isn’t: Divisive, pretentious, obvious, dogmatic, pretty self-indulgent.


Wonderground Issue Four: Family/Tree

CLOSING: May 30, 2022


The fourth issue of Wonderground explores questions of kinship, legacy, connection and trees. Trees as symbols, metaphors and beings; trees as language (do you know the word library originates from the Latin liber, meaning the inner bark of trees?); trees as family. There is much in this topic that is beautiful and complicated and we want to explore it all. Particularly the in-between places; the topics, subjects, people and ideas that are less expected and obvious, more surprising and enchanting. We want to be amazed, inspired, excited. We’re looking for intimacy and expansiveness. We want to feel things both heavy and light. And, goddam, we want/need to laugh. Below is an inexhaustive list of questions and prompts:

  • Who is kin? Who decides?
  • Families of trees
  • What stories do trees tell?
  • Pruning and the politics of care
  • Where do our words come from?
  • Grace
  • Mythology and trees
  • Lost words, lost worlds
  • Gender and nature
  • Lineage and legacy
  • Caring for new growth
  • Holding the ground together
  • The night life of trees
  • What does home mean to a tree?
  • The view from above


Only submissions lodged via the online form will be considered for Wonderground Issue Four. Please do not pitch via email.

If we decide to commission your work we will be in touch to discuss word count, editorial direction/feedback and fee.