Botanicarotica: A Collection of Poems

For me, poetry is perfect for capturing moments in nature. It offers a creative opportunity for the marrying of the careful observation of plants and words. Whilst my poems are not exclusively erotic, they are sensual and emotional which is what gardening inherently is. The physical and creative experience of gardening, and the beauty and diversity in nature are recurrent themes in my work. I find I spend much of my gardening time observing closely and thinking about writing. I love to surprise, shock and delight gardeners and non-gardeners alike with my poems, especially those people who think that poetry isn’t for them.

Manna gum

My man, he’s into natives,
specialises in the

I found him at the local nursery
and had to have him.
I had the perfect spot.

He’s out there now.
my manna gum,
my blue gum boy.

I climb his slender trunk,
strip back his bark,
underneath he’s smooth and hard.

At first he’s resolute,
a sturdy tree of a man
but then,
when I spread his limbs and
fondle his foliage,
suck his nectar,
inhale his heaven-sent
he’s mine.

His branches sway
gumnuts fall, leaves quiver
flirtatious parrots take flight
noisy mynahs become shy
under the canopy of our
eucalypt affair.


Fig tree

undressed for winter
the fig tree bares
its bones

the summer sound
of the ocean                                           rolling
through the branches


leaves fall loudly
clatter their way                through
silver limbs
mattering                            not
where they go
fall like sheep
from a cliff

by desire
or intention



spring springs, windy and hot
gusts blustering streets
hurling perfumes uphill and into homes
through windows and under doors
spring stirs in me
my hands in the dirt
my arms strong
I tingle between my legs
and pull weeds

Poems © Helen Lucas