Scent Survey: Lucy Feagins

Editor of The Design Files, Australia’s most popular design blog

Lucy Feagins is a pal of mine and has been an extremely generous supporter of The Planthunter since its inception. Through knowing Lucy, I have come to learn that the success of her blog, The Design Files, is due to her extremely hard work and her absolute integrity, nothing less. TDF has been running for around eight years now and has grown from a tiny little blog Lucy toiled on after work to an extremely influential website read by hundreds of thousands of people per month.  Lucy is the real deal – a woman building a business based on the qualities I reckon a business should be based on – authenticity, strength, vision, and style (very important, right!?). Heaven knows how she found the time to answer our Scent Survey, but she did. This is what she said…

What did your childhood smell like?
I grew up in London, it was a bit grimy to be honest! I do remember the scent of honeysuckle flowers in our garden and the gardens of many of our neighbours – Londoners do amazing things with their tiny, courtyard gardens.

What scent has the power to stop you in your tracks and immediately transport you to a memory/moment/feeling? I bought a small sample size of Jo Malone’s ‘Vetyver’ fragrance a few years ago to take on a trip to New York and wore it every day during my trip. Now whenever I smell it again it instantly returns me to the Big Apple.

What did your grandfather smell like?
My paternal grandfather is not with us anymore but his daily ritual was slowly rolling his own cigarettes so whenever I smell loose tobacco now, it reminds me of him.

What does your kitchen smell like?
Currently it smells like Italian minestrone, I love making a big pot of soup almost weekly in winter.

What does happy smell like?
Coffee brewing in the morning, or a sweet cake in the oven.

What does your favourite place in the world smell like?
A Saturday morning sleep in is my favourite place in the world, it smells like fresh clean linen and hopefully a cup of coffee in bed.

What is your least favourite smell?
Airline food.

What does love smell like?
Love smells like my partner Gordon, which is workshop wood chips, MDF particle board (a very distinctive smell) and, perhaps if I’m lucky, a faint whiff of Comme de Garcons ‘White’.