Fleur Wood: 20-ish Cheeky Questions

Fleur Wood is one of Australia’s leading fashion designers, known for her ephemeral, highly detailed women’s clothing, often with a vintage,  floral twist. Given this month’s theme is Fabric, we tracked her down on the streets of New York for an interview. Here is what she said…

Can you please tell us a little about yourself, and your life with plants? My life with plants is a little sad I’m afraid. It’s a tale of unrequited love. I love them, but they sadly decide to take their own life and wither away, rather than live in my home.  Fresh cut flowers on the other hand thrive and are a constant source of joy and inspiration.

We noticed there are some flower food recipes in your new book Food, Fashion, Love, would you mind sharing one with us? Maybe it’s due to my name, but I do love flowers and it is such a delight to cook with them. One of my favorite recipes is as simple as freezing tiny flowers in ice cubes – so sweet on a sunny afternoon with friends.

And while we’re on the subject, what is your new book about and why did you decide to write it? My new book Food Fashion Love is a compilation of the experiences, food and people that have shaped me both personally and professionally.

How would you describe your relationship with plants? Unrequited love.

If you were a plant, what would you be? Love lies bleeding. Just kidding. Hmmm a Frangipani tree?

What cheers you up? Seeing smiles on my kids’ faces.

What is the habit you are proudest of breaking or want to break? Smoking. I was so proud of myself when I finally quit. In fact I cannot imagine that I once smoked a pack a day.

What is your favourite word? Angel-Pie (A nickname for my kids).

Have you ever been in love with two people at the same time? Yes. And probably better that I say no more!

Name a skill you wish you had. A green thumb!

What is the most played song on your playlist (phone etc)? Marianne Williamson meditations.

If you had to make a garden with 3 plants, what would they be? 3 types of succulents as they can survive anywhere!

What makes somebody sexy? ( apart from confidence!) I really think sexiness is an X factor. I think it’s about individual chemistry, or the combined chemistry of two people.

What do you miss most about being a kid? Nothing! I always wanted to be a grown up and wear ‘heel highs’.

What’s the first thing you notice about people? Their clothes – an unfortunate side effect of being a fashion designer for 15 years.

Favourite natural scent? Frangipani.

What qualities in people do you admire the most? Generosity, humour and intelligence.

What would you be doing in an alternate life or career? Film director and producer.

What’s your perfect three course meal? Cheese soufflé, roast duck, Raspberry ‘something-or-other’

What is special about where you live?  I love living by the water in NYC, I walk along the east river most mornings looking across to Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

If you could control your dreams, what would you dream about? Sunny days, at the beach, with friends, kids, my husband, sunsets, coconuts and Joni Mitchell.

Favourite kind of weather? Hot and sunny.

How many people are you completely yourself with? Quite a few, my husband mostly and our kids and I’m blessed with some pretty amazing friends.

Fleur’s new book Food Fashion Love is published by Lantern Penguin. Find out more here.

You can follow Fleur Wood on her website, Facebook and instagram.