Desire Survey: Getting it on, Outside!

If you’re a nature lover, making love outdoors amongst the plants, animals, and wild beauty of the natural world can be a memorable experience. Hopefully for good reasons, but of course, this isn’t always the case. One of the more entertaining antidotes from a respondent to our survey involves an incident with a tick burrowing into a rather delicate region of a mans body…OUCH!

Thanks to a bunch of kind, generous and open Planthunter readers, here for your saucy reading pleasure is a collection of stories responding to the question:

What was your most memorable outdoor lovin’ experience?

‘On a Canadian canoe adventure we wandered into an old growth cedar forest towards a gorgeous glacier fed creek to collect drinking water. A very old tree had fallen across the creek, creating a natural bridge, We climbed into it and found it was completely hollowed out, leaving just the outer layers of the trunk, creating a perfect natural hammock, complete with a soft mossy floor.

The sun was setting over the mountains as we made sweet, sweet love inside a hollow cedar, suspended in the air over a rushing fresh water creek. The sunset shining through the old trees, the cold moss on my back, the vibrations and hum of the water beneath us, the thought of being so wild and free in nature. It was bliss.’

‘Coming home from a day at the lake both kids fell asleep in the car and my husband and I pulled over on the side of a dirt road, the beautiful sawtooths behind us. We spread our beach blanket out in a meadow of wildflowers and made love in the clean mountain air.’

‘My partner and I were at his friend’s wedding near a volcanic crater in Victoria. His friend asked me to take some photos of the ceremony and I realized my film was in the car. So my partner and I went back to the car to get the film and couldn’t resist the autumnal trees that beckoned us up the side of the crater. 

We made a slight detour in the opposite direction to the ceremony, to a less populated area of the forest and ‘whoops’ fell over a log and into a lovely bed of pale yellow leaves.

After a lovely roll around I remember us straightening up our nice threads and checking each others hair for leaf evidence of a romantic dive into nature. Um, I think we missed the ceremony!’

‘Having sex as the sun went down on what I thought was a secluded beach in Mexico, only to find out a few nights later as we walked with all the locals to ‘the point’ to watch the sunset over the ocean that we were actually completely and totally in full view of the entire town.’

‘My most memorable outdoor love experience was during a permaculture course in northern NSW. I met a beautiful girl and whilst adventuring in the rainforest we found a private bamboo rotunda. Inside, it consisted of a mosquito net draped over a big bed atop stacked wooden crates. We made love amongst the animals and croaking frogs, whilst a curious, friendly python looked on.’

One of my most memorable outdoor loving experiences was this New Year’s Eve. I was camping down the south coast. I met a man, one of my best friends best friend and we hit it off. He grabbed me by the hand and we found our way to the headland, the very edge of where the ocean meets the cliffs.

We wedged ourselves in the shaly jagged rocks and he proceeded to pleasure me until fire works were seen on a neighbouring beach. We got up, barely able to walk with delight, and scrambled our way back to join the countdown to 2015!’

‘Shagging under a massive oak tree after I almost crashed my car. Life affirming, primal, instinctual stuff. I can’t quite explain it’

‘My boyfriend is a shepherd and a shearer, and when he first took me back to the farm he grew up on we made love under the willows by a river in the afternoon shade for hours while hundreds of birds watched on.’

‘I love a good wilderness romp, and there have been a few memorable but clichéd ones – secluded ocean inlets, by the side of a hiking trail in Patagonia (making sure we could both see the view) – but the most memorable is a bad memory. Well, it probably is for my ex-boyfriend, although I still have a giggle about it and tell the story with relish.

We were getting saucy one afternoon in some coastal undergrowth in New South Wales, it was reasonably dense tea-tree scrub just between the forest and the sand dunes. Deed done, we spent a day at the beach and then decided to sleep there that night. We chose a spot in the dunes and set up our sleeping bags, only to soon realise we’d set them up right near a dead seagull, which was a brilliant start to the night, and maybe something of an omen. So we shifted further along the beach, set up again, and went to sleep.

Some hours later, my boyfriend sat up with a yelp and started yelling about his balls and something biting him. After a bit of trouble locating a torch and some more freaking out from him, I was sent in to investigate and discovered that during our afternoon liaison a tick had seized the opportunity to burrow into his scrotum, and that it needed to be removed on the spot. Very memorable.’

‘Going for a walk by the river after our anniversary dinner. We couldn’t wait until we got home so made love up against a tree in a suburban park! So hot.’