Dr Liam Engel

Dr Liam Engel is a drug communications scientist, harm reduction advocate and ethnobotanist. Liam is a core Entheogenesis Australis contributor, the Associate Editor of AOD Media Watch and an adjunct research fellow at Edith Cowan University’s School of Medical and Health Sciences. Their recent publications include Presence, trust, empathy: Preferred characteristics of psychedelic carers (Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 2022), Reference Guide for Lophophora Conservation (Entheogenesis Australis, 2021) and Positive drug stories: Possibilities for agency and positive subjectivity for harm reduction (Addiction Research and Theory, 2020).

Indoctrinated by Plants

Botanica, CultureDiving into psychedelic medicine via profiles of three common, natural sources of psychedelics. By Liam Engel and Prue Gibson.