A Salute to The Tree

Trees are truly magnificent things and are one of my greatest loves. They move with the wind; flexible and strong, held tight to the ground by an expansive system of roots delving deep into the earth, searching for water and nutrients. Quietly and rigorously. They stand tall in sheltered valleys and stoop close to the ground on exposed headlands, responding to their environment in ways we can only dream of. They are silent and somehow wise. Oh trees, I have love a’ plenty for trees.

Photographer Brooke Holme seems to have a similar penchant for trees and the natural environments they inhabit.  She recently took a trip to the south island of New Zealand and went wandering through the hills, taking exquisite images of her surrounds. There is a stillness in her work I find captivating. And the colours. Oh holy hell the colours! We had a little chat about trees, photography and people. This is what she said:

I am drawn to nature because it has a calmness that makes me stop and appreciate the incredible beauty of the world that I live in. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day chaos of the city. Taking a break from it really allows me to feel clarity. There’s just something about being surrounded by mountains and trees that makes me feel so alive and free.

I love putting people in landscape imagery because it’s so fascinating to show the scale of these places compared to tiny humans. These landscapes are so enormous and vast and in order to give an idea of the contrast, you need something to offset them against.

Nature isn’t, and shouldn’t be, separate from humans. We were born here, we live here, we should interact, explore and appreciate it. You gain perspective, and that is something that I wish to share through my photography.

When I am around trees, I notice a freshness in the air. I breathe easy and I feel calm. Forest green is my favourite colour and this is largely due to spending so much time around trees and nature. They are magnificent to look at and the colours are just incredible. I really try to emulate the colours in my work.

I am never as snap happy as I am when I am amongst nature. There is so much to photograph and I just want to have it all. I do feel calm and still when I am shooting nature but I also feel a newfound energy and I can’t ever wait to share the images with the world.

To see more of Brookes beautiful images, check out her website here.