Wonderground Issue Four



This issue of Wonderground is overflowing with inspiring, exciting and cup-filling ideas, stories and conversations. Just like a healthy forest ecosystem, there’s a diversity of light and dark, hope and wonder. In fact, consider the fourth issue of Wonderground a forest itself – a window into worlds personal and mythical, ideas alive and ageless; a place mysterious and mad, meaningful and beautiful.

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We visit old growth mountain ash forests with world-leading forest ecologist David Lindenmayer, chat poetry with Australian music legend Paul Kelly, talk to trees in LA, make art with nature, plant tiny forests on scraps of land in the city, learn Black garden history, mark time with trees, make friends with rocks, and more. SO MUCH MORE.


Tiyan Baker, Jess Bineth, Zena Cumpston, Siân Darling, Stéph Donse, Ali Cobby Eckermann, Jane Gleeson-White, Sammy Hawker, Neha Kale, Paul Kelly,  Dan Kyle, Janet Laurence, Abra Lee, David Lindenmayer, Tanya Massy, Ella Mudie, Richa Kaul Padte, Jeff Perry, Georgina Reid, Abbey Rich, Barbara Schaffer, Diana Scherer, Inga Simpson, Richard Swain.


156 page softcover journal (24x17cm) printed on 100% recycled paper.


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