Wonderground Print Journal

Cover image, Wonderground 02, by Tamara Dean. Dusty Miller (Senecio viravira), western wild garden, Winter, 2017. Tamara is represented by Martin Browne Contemporary

Wonderground is a biannual print journal exploring questions of nature, culture and care. Featuring essays, memoir, long-form interviews, poetry and profiles by local and international emerging writers, big thinkers and unexpected experts, Wonderground is both salve and spark.

Printed on 100% recycled paper, Wonderground is an independent publication driven by values, purpose, and a commitment to producing meaningful and important content. Read more about Wonderground’s vision and values here.

In each issue, Wonderground partners with a not-for-profit organisation to help tell their story and raise awareness of their work. Groundswell Giving is the Wonderground Issue Two Community Partner.

Wonderground Issue Two: Lost

Release date: October, 2021


The Issue Two of Wonderground explores notions of loss and discovery. Finding the future in the garden, losing plants and their stories, uncovering new ways of seeing the world, and becoming intimate with disappearance. The publication features essays, memoir, poetry and fiction from an eclectic collection of writers, thinkers, gardeners and artists. Wonderground Issue Two is hopeful, heartfelt, provocative and delightful – a salve for our times.

Wonderground Issue Two Contributors: Robert Champion, Jason Cotter, Agnes Denes, Marika Duczynski, Elizabeth Farrelly, Dakota Feirer, Nicole Foreshew, Monique Germon, David Godshall, Bill Henson, Cecil Howell, Clare James, Neha Kale, Amy Leach, Lille Madden, Michael McCoy, Asad Raza, Georgina Reid, Camille Rouliére, Inga Simpson, Sue Stuart-Smith, Tim Rushby-Smith, David Whitworth, David Whyte.




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Wonderground Issue One: Arise and Shine

Release date: 15 March, 2021


Welcome to the Planthroposcene. Some things, like gardening, come late. Others, like Country, are always there. Ecological anger management. Gardening as freedom. If the soil could speak, ‘unprecedented’ would not be in its vocabulary. Crime pays but botany doesn’t. Farming Indigenous food plants. New artistic relations with nature. Writing and gardening, seeing and being. Landscape architecture as stewardship. Legacy, love and farming. The poem that saved a forest. Ecological restoration, extinction and 40,000 trees. Making meaning not mulch.

Wonderground Issue One Contributors: Tony Birch, Alisa Bryce, Zena Cumpston, Thomas Doxiadis, David Godshall, Neha Kale, Freya Latona, Charles Massy, Tanya Massy, Rachael Mead, Natasha Myers, David Newsom, Shin Yu Pai, Bruce Pascoe, Dan Pearson, Jeff Perry, Georgina Reid, Holly Ringland, Félix de Rosen, Rachel Pimm, Jacqueline Suskin, Linda Tegg, Nicholas William Thompson, Thomas Woltz.

Watch Welcome to the Wonderground, a short video introduction to Wonderground Journal, by Will Reid here.