Scent Survey: Jason M Jones and Brahman Perera

Melbourne restauranteur Jason M Jones and his partner interior designer Brahman Perera take our scent survey.

Jason M Jones is a Melbourne man about town. His hospitality management group ICKE + IGBY owns a string of joints such as Friends of Mine, Porgie + Mr Jones, Snow Pony, and the recently opened French bistro Entrecote. His partner Brahman Perera is a highly talented interior designer with Hecker Guthrie. This is their scent story…

What did your childhood smell like?
Brahman: Flowers… Jasmine –  when we were growing up I think the only thing holding our neighbouring fence together was the gigantic jasmine bush growing wildly all over it. It always smelt amazing in the evenings. We also had a huge gardenia bush and my job would be to pick them if we ever had a special dinner on or friends coming around so gardenias meant something good and fun was about to happen.

Jason: One smell I will never forget is the Autumn leaves smouldering/burning in everyone’s front gutters and nature strips during Autumn in the small town I grew up in: Maffra, Victoria, population 3000. I always remember riding my bike on early Autumn evenings and loving the smell of these leaves just burning away…

What scent has the power to stop you in your tracks and immediately transport you to a memory/moment/feeling?
Sandalwood – it’s such a strong smell for me, a smell of home, where my parents came from, and I’m always interested in the people who wear a fragrance with Sandalwood in it, even as a low tone. It’s something that always makes me turn my head –  these people often surprise me.

Jason: whenever I smell anyone wearing Chanel No. 5, it ALWAYS reminds me of my grandmother. It was always her ‘going out’ perfume and Pop used to buy it EVERY year for her birthday and still does.

What does your grandmother smell like?
My grandmother smells of incense from her prayer table, blown out matches, jasmine in her plait, a few drops of Eau De Cologne and whatever delicious thing she has been cooking that day!

What does your kitchen smell like?
 Always Fresh herbs – basil, parsley and thyme usually.
Jason: Incense – when I am home I burn Nag Champa 100% of the time.

What does happy smell like?
Crips, fresh linen and limes.
Jason: Gardenias. Nothing makes me MORE happy than the smell of a gardenia.

What does your favourite place in the world smell like?
Fresh cold air and hot chocolate.
Jason: Paris. It smells/reeks of all things French. Dank, musty, delicious, croissants, manky cheese…. I love Paris.

What is your least favourite smell?
Burnt toast – such a tragedy.
Jason: Burnt/singed hair.

What does love smell like?
The fragrances have changed since we first met, but even now if I smell Issey Miyake I know Jase is around.
Jason: A fresh shower!!!