Eating Habits with Camilla Clark

When Camilla Clark enters the kitchen in her Collingwood home and puts on an apron she becomes Melbourne’s favourite super heroine, Bakewell & Co. Camilla is the creator of a sweet range of baked goods which are sent out to a line-up of cafes in the city and inner north twice weekly. Imagine key lime, pecan and cherry pies, chocolate chip cookies with a pinch of sea salt and home-style versions of biscuit tin classics like Oreos, Kingstons, Monte Carlos and even the odd iced gingerbread daisy (which should be part of The Planthunter’s own mid-morning tea and biscuit ritual, we think). Today Camilla talks to us about growing up around a dinner table in Tasmania as one of five girls, her thing for red capsicums, and reading cookbooks in bed!