20 Cheeky Questions with Lucila Dominguez

Sometimes Argentinian mural artist Lucila Dominguez paints things on a small scale. But more often than not you’ll find her halfway up a ladder with brush in hand, adorning walls with oversized lotus flowers and life sized palms. Lucila’s work has taken her to Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Spain and Russia and throughout April she’ll be in Australia covering surfaces with her epic botanical scenery. To coincide with the visit, we asked Lucila 20 Cheeky Questions.

Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself, and your life with plants?
I’m an artist who loves to work. Blame it on my star sign – I’m Capricorn so I can’t help it. I’m always thinking about and looking for new types of plants to introduce into my artwork.

I became completely fascinated with plants when I discovered that they have all the elements that excite me: a wonderful palette of colors, an infinity of shapes and textures to draw, and a profound symbolism full of meanings with particular significance to different cultures around the world.

They are beings full of wisdom and grandiosity that have fed us and cured us since the beginning of time. It’s an honor for me to be able to study them and represent them in their maximum splendor. They are an enormous source of inspiration for me.

Can you also please tell us a bit about your work as a mural artist, and where it has taken you in the world?
I work as a painter who invokes the botanical world, making the spaces I intervene more joyful, beautiful and connected with nature. I usually work on commission for private, public or commercial places making murals with many layers and details. I also work in my studio on my own paintings and on imagery for licensed products.

Mural painting allows me to travel to create space-specific work and, for me, that’s the most rewarding part of my work.

I have murals in Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina (of course), Spain and Moscow, and I hope to continue sharing my art with the world.

Where do you live and what’s special about it?
I live in Buenos Aires. It’s a beautiful city that has both Europe’s elegance and Latin America’s chaos and warmth. It is filled with culture, and I love being a part of a big family of local artists: most of my friends are musicians, actors, painters, illustrators, designers and photographers. I love that there is a lot of thirst in everyone to create and a big interest in collaborating.

If you were a plant, what would you be and why?
A lotus. It’s an aquatic plant with a strong root that reaches down into the water, so it can still move, as if it were dancing in the water. It originates in tropical Asian climates where it is cultivated as a sacred plant that symbolizes divine beauty as its shape suggests the expansion of the soul. That’s what I feel is my life’s mission: to expand the soul towards pure beauty and light.

What cheers you up?
A fun dinner with friends.

What is the habit you are proudest of breaking or want to break?
I want to break the habit of sleeping in! I love to sleep in but when I do wake up super early I recognize a very beautiful moment and light of the day that I would love to enjoy more often…

What is your favourite word in Spanish, and why?
Crepitar. It’s the sound of the crunchy autumn leaves when you step on them.

What are the two most played songs on your playlist?
Uno Resuena by Lulacruza and Jardines by Chancha Vía Circuito. They are both Argentinian bands who create music inspired by nature and ancestral sounds mixed with the most modern electronics.

If you had to make a garden with 3 plants, what would they be?
I’m traveling around Indonesia right now, so I’m very inspired by its jungle-water gardens. But if I had to pick three, I would love to have a huge Ravenala madagascariensis (Traveler Palm) because it’s my favorite palm! It has a symmetrical shape that I adore, and which I often paint!

Any kind of Philodendron will do. They fill any place with life with their big, shiny and graceful leaves.

I would also plant out a pond with lotus flowers. I adore the purity of the lotus and its delicate appearance, its plush surface, its buds and flowers of wonderful shape and colour, so simple and beautiful.

What makes somebody sexy?
Someone with humor and interesting eyes.

What is your favourite natural scent?
Geranium. It’s sweet, fresh and powerful.

What do you miss most about being a kid?
I miss laughing with my parents, who unfortunately aren’t in this world any more.

What is your earliest memory?
I remember the light that would stream into my childhood bedroom through the window. I remember how soft it was.

What’s the first thing you notice when you meet a person?
Their energy. I notice when people are comfortable or not.

What qualities in people do you admire the most?
Calmness, intelligence and good vibes.

What would you be doing in an alternate life or career?
I’d be a musician and astrologist.

What’s your perfect three-course meal?
Avocado and lime soup, shrimp curry with rice and raw orange chocolate tart.

Who/what inspires you?
Music, travel and nature.

What do you dream about?
I daydream about knowing different landscapes and cultures. In sleep, I often dream of flying.

Name three small things (i.e. trinkets, souvenirs, books, jewellery) you keep by your bedside and please explain their significance to you?
I have a few stones from the river near the town where my mother was born; a silver necklace from Uruguay that my boyfriend gave me; and a notebook where I sketch and write my thoughts.


All images courtesy of Lucila Dominguez.

Lucila puts the finishing touches on one of her mural works.