DIY: Pretty Up Your Pots!

Make a woven pot cover out of old clothes with this DIY project inspired by this months theme of Fabric.

I don’t know about you but I get a little tired of average pots from average garden centres. For some reason, unless you have buckets of money to spend, it’s hard to find interesting, unique, and beautiful vessels for your leafy friends.

Well, I’ve come up with a solution. It’s free, recycled, and fun. All you need to do is buy a plant in a plastic pot, follow the instructions below to make the cover, stick it over your plant and BAM! Pretty plant, prettier pot.Its not a new idea. I got inspired by these beauties made from rope and took it one step further – I do love a bit of recycling!

The absolute beauty of this project is that you can weave the stories of the items of clothing into your pot cover. For example, I used offcuts from a pair of jeans I’ve been unable to throw out for a number of years, a t-shirt from an ex-boyfriend, and an old t-shirt of my current boyfriends. See?! Stories, connections, everywhere! Not sure what my selections are saying about me…

You will need…

  • Old clothes, too ratty even for sending to the op shop
  • String/thread: I used thick polyester embroidery thread. It’s very strong and long lasting. I got it here. You could use anything though, depending on the size and style of coat you desire.
  • Scissors


  • Cut the fabric into strips around 10cm wide
  • Tie the string around one end of the strip of fabric and then wrap it around the fabric tightly. When you get to the end tie it up. You should now have a weird looking rope.
  • Wrap up more strips into rope. I ended up using around 5 strips.
  • Once you have all your ropes done, join them to make one big rope.
  • Next, work out the diameter of your pot coat. Most plant pots are standard dimensions of 100mm, 140mm, 200mm. Find one and make sure you are making the coat big enough to slip over it easily. Make it a bit bigger than you think you need, just in case.
  • Next, start winding! Make sure the first rope circle is the right diameter and build your coils on top of it. I wove string up through the coils to join them together firmly but I reckon you do whatever you want to tie them together. As long as they are firmly attached and the same size, all is good!


I am not a very structured/neat/measured person. Therefore, the way I made this pot coat was rather experimental. I suggest, rather than getting caught up in following my instructions to the tee, you take the idea and run with it in a way that suits you and your aesthetic. Ok? Good. Happy creating!

The materials
Start off by wrapping a 10cm wide piece of fabric with string
Keep wrapping and wrapping until you have something resembling a rope
The rope!
Coil the rope around to make a cylindrical shape. Make sure it fits over the intended pot
Coiling in process...
Voila! Jade plant with new coat, hanging with Euphorbia in op-shop vase with hole drilled in bottom and Echeveria in dried out coconut shell