Foraged Floral Wreaths

Wreaths are a traditional part of Christmas celebrations, but they are also a beautiful thing to create at any time of year. Making your own is lots of fun and super easy. Rather than buying blooms from your local florist, consider foraging for them in your backyard or your local area (editors note: The Planthunter doesn’t condone plant stealing. Just gentle pruning…). Collecting the flora yourself is all part of the process, and will ensure your wreath will will feel authentic and truly unique.


First up hit the bushes. You will need sturdier stalk to act as the base. I used willow branches but grapevine or strong grass work well too. When choosing the leaves and flowers consider colour combinations and choose plants that will happily last without water.


My sister and I visited Buttes Chaumont park around the corner from my place in Paris for a fun morning of foraging.


From here it couldn’t be easier. Create a round base by twisting the vine around itself and poking the ends in and then insert small pieces at a time of foliage and flowers. I didn’t end up needing any for my wreath but twine or thin floral wire can help secure everything in place.


I used less traditional blue, yellow and purple and like only covering part of the base but it’s totally up to you how to style it.


Et voilà! Go and make someone smile by giving them a homemade wreath.