Food on the Run 3: Hearty Winter Veggies

The road trip continues! After our stops in Bilpin to pick and bake some apples and Oberon to harvest some truffles, we’re heading even further west – all in the name of geting our hands on some hearty winter vegetables.

We’ve heard there is always plenty on offer in Kirkconnel, so without hesitation we head over to Kurrawong Organics* farm. Its the most picturesque place – nestled between rolling hills just near the base of the Blue Mountains.

Owned by Quentin and Lesley Bland, the farm has been in the family for generations. Quentin’s grandfather started with a small orchard and it has now grown to be one of the biggest and best organic farms you can find.

At Kurrawong, everything tastes like gold. After a wander around the farm to pick some veggies we find ourselves with an abundance of Jerusalem artichokes, kale and few leeks. We threw them straight in the skillet, deglazing the pan with a dash of apple cider just before we crack a few farm fresh eggs over the top.

It’s a combination to die for, washed down with the locally brewed apple cider! Bottoms up!

*You may recognise the name from the farmers market circle in Sydney.The Blands selling their beautiful organic produce at the Eveleigh, Bondi, and Taylor Square market. You can also pick it up at Whole Foods House.