It’s Tool Time!

It is a myth to say that garden hardware is all utilitarian and ugly. In fact, we have “dug up” (yep, I said that) four prime examples of where aesthetics and function really do meet in the garden…

1. Hose Reel

When is a hose reel not a hose reel? When it is a Dial Hose Hanger by Design By Them, of course! A clean and playful oversized dial that keeps the coiled hose tidy while adding colour to the garden. It’s available in five different colours.


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2. Letter Box

Go on. Impress your postie! The TomTom letter box by Design By Them (yes, they are a talented bunch – we gotta feature them twice!) available from Tait and  takes its inspiration from the Australian suburban landscape and the desire of homeowners to individualise their home. Quality materials, with attention to design detail makes this letter box a real winner! Available in 5 powdercoat colours, with or without post.

$330.00 without timber post, $450 with timber post

Tait website

3. Garden Tools

The Eva Solo product range is designed by a Danish design duo aiming to represent the ultimate combination of appearance and functionality.

Available from  Top 3 By Design


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4. Watering Cans

The words ‘elegance’ and ‘watering cans’ are not typical bed follows – except where Jaime Hayón is involved. His gardenias Watering Can for BD Barcelona is not yet in production – but here’s hoping!

Hayon Studio