Garden Goods: The Crafty Edit

I’m always on the lookout for well-designed, aesthetically pleasing and somewhat surprising garden accoutrements! Given we are peering into the realm of craft and craftsmanship this month on The Planthunter, it seems a good time for another round up.


The Gardenlust ‘Essential Hose’ is a glamorous new hose collection designed and made in Australia. I personally have full respect for a brand that chooses to produce garden hoses in shades of ivory, slate and my fave – lavender – with fancy solid brass connectors and nozzles. Not just pretty, these hoses are made from high tensile reinforced yarn to agricultural grade, are kink and fade resistant with a 5-year warranty. Where have they been all my life?

Gardenlust is the brain child of Christo and Johanna Everingham of Lepaar – who champion the notions of beauty, quality and design. I reckon they’ve NAILED IT!


Designed and manufactured in Australia, ‘Koo Koo’ is one stylised bird-shaped letterbox that does not take itself too seriously, yet still has some serious curb appeal. We all have a letterbox – so why not make yours the best on the block, while supporting some home-grown design.


Grafa garden tools are locally made using available copper, bronze and hardwood timber materials. Most of the copper is up-cycled, left over tube from construction sites around Melbourne. Copper is used mainly because it is malleable enough to shape but is still strong enough to handle years in the garden. (It is also infinitely recyclable, even 50% of new copper is made from recycled copper). The tools were also specifically designed with organic gardening principles in mind because copper does not rust and its properties are found to promote growth and nutrient uptake.

They are just so damn handsome.


Want to channel some steamy tropicana vibes in your cold winter garden? This fibreglass and concrete pot from new kids on the pot block, The Balcony Garden, is for you. Its a pot that looks like a pineapple, of course. To brighten up your winter all you need to do is buy this pot, wack a plant in it, head to the cocktail cabinet, make yourself a piña colada, recline in your deck chair next to your pineapple pot, close your eyes and pretend you’re in the Bahamas. Easy.

It comes in two colours – charcoal and concrete grey – and three different sizes. Winner!


Skate Shank is a small – but inspired – design studio, located in Sydney. Established by Rowland Perry, a keen skateboarder, obsessive fisherman and general lover of the outdoors. With many snapped skateboards lying around his studio, Rowland decided to craft a Skate Shank for his next camping trip. And then everyone wanted one! Thus Skate Shank was born – with all products made from recycled skateboard decks, locally hand-crafted, making each shank an original piece. Endlessly usefully for tearing open a bag of potting mix, trimming the hose, rope, twine and the like. Rowland can custom make almost any hand held tool you might desire too – the sky is the limit. And they look so freaking good, really.