Explainer: The Planthunter is now Wonderground

In April 2022, The Planthunter website and social media accounts were rebranded as Wonderground. There are reasons for this change, and you can read about them here. Below you will find more information regarding the evolution and what it means for readers.


The content published on Wonderground will not change. Close readers will have noticed that, over the years, our lens has broadened to exploring wide-ranging questions of nature and culture, in addition to more intimate stories of people and plants. We will continue traipsing in the in-between, because it is interesting and because wonder is everywhere.

Wonderground, formerly The Planthunter, has long been committed to publishing stories with meaning. That point to truth, that offer a new perspective, that inspire action. We make them as beautiful and thoughtful and entertaining as possible. We are interested in connection and seduction and beauty as mediums of change. Always.


We will continue to publish online-only content, which will remain free to access. Users will be required to register for a free account in order to read more than one online-only story per month. Free registration enables access to the entire Wonderground (formerlyThe Planthunter) online archive.

Premium articles – those published in current and past print issues of Wonderground – are not accessible without a subscription.


If you think our online-only content is good, wait till you dive into our premium print+online content! We are now offering both print and digital subscriptions to Wonderground. Subscription levels are as follows:

Digital subscription
Digital subscriptions allow those who prefer to read online, or for whom postage costs are prohibitive, access to all stories published in previous and current issues of Wonderground.

Print + Digital subscription
Receive two print issues of Wonderground each year, as well as access to all stories published in previous and current issues of Wonderground.

Gold subscription
This is for the Wonderground champions! The ones who, too, believe in the power of story to ignite and illustrate new ways of seeing and being in the world. All Gold subscribers receive annual print and digital access, a mystery gift, invitations to two exclusive issue briefings (online), recognition in the Supporters section of our website and print journal. And a hug. Virtual and/or physical.

Wonderground is on a mission to grow a greener, more connected and compassionate world. The support of subscribers is essential in ensuring we can continue to evolve and invest in sharing work that matters.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information, and read the letter from editor Georgina Reid explaining the change, here.