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Pepo Botanic Design

Creative FolkIn collaboration with home owners, architects and builders, Pepo provides a complete and professional landscaping service, priding themselves on developing spaces gently layered with abundance. Pepo develops practical and thriving gardens designed to enhance your home, business and most importantly, your lifestyle. WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / TWITTER

Carolyn Barker Jewellery

Creative FolkBreathing New Materialism, artist and jeweller Carolyn Barker grows heirlooms that delight in the natural world. Timeless adornments, Carolyn’s precious creations honour men and woman of all ages. Her collections playfully reflect the micro-macro dance of the treasured landscapes we share. WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK

Urban Growers

Creative FolkUrban Growers live and breathe urban farming. They design, create, and maintain edible gardens, as well as educate folk about them. They activate commercial, community and residential spaces to yield food that nourishes and enriches lives and enhances surrounding landscapes. WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK

Cecilia Fox

Creative FolkCecilia Fox is a bespoke floral studio based in Melbourne. Guided by the fleeting beauty of the seasons, Cecilia Fox’s floral work comes from an intense respect for nature and its wild abundance. Appreciation of form, texture and tone are matched with a vigorous desire to share an experience of the botanical world. WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

Emma Sadie Thomson

Creative FolkEmma Sadie Thomson has a passion for nature and a background in landscape architecture. From her Adelaide studio she offers landscape design, interior plant styling, and plant consultation services, as well as a range of locally made plant based homewares. WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK

Stark Design

Creative FolkJane Stark is an interior designer, horticulturalist and landscape designer, rendering Stark Design unique in the Australian market. Stark Design treats interiors and gardens with equal affection, resulting in harmonious indoor and outdoor living spaces with a modern aesthetic. WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM


Creative FolkTerremoto is a Californian landscape architecture office who create site-specific landscapes responding to client needs whilst challenging historical & contemporary construction methods, materials, & conventions. Their landscapes are aesthetically, ecologically & metaphysically provocative. WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM   

Jardine Botanic

Creative FolkJardine Hansen creates unstructured & wild arrangements for weddings, events & shoots, reminiscent of old rambling gardens. She uses locally sourced, noteworthy botanical specimens such as seed heads, fruiting branches & carnivorous plants as a counterpoint to classically beautiful flowers. WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM