It is this word that best describes how I feel right now. Nothing is fixed anymore. Nothing ever was, but the illusion of stability felt slightly more believable a few weeks back.

It’s hard to know what to offer to you, our audience, in times like this. It is certainly not business as usual. These last few months of bushfires, floods, and now a pandemic, have been anything but business as usual. Perhaps those words are not useful anymore.

Nothing is easy right now. For anyone. Here in Australia, I feel like we’re ants scurrying deep into our nests underground. The earth is shaking with the vibrations of the virus’s heavy footsteps. Getting closer and closer, noisier and noisier. We don’t know how much damage will be done but know it’s not going to be pretty. Waiting for the unknown and unknowable is terrifying.

This time will be disastrous for millions. There is no talking around this fact. This time, too, will pass. Another truth. What our world looks like on the other side of this is an interesting question, though not one, I think, to speculate on now. For now, I have no wisdom to offer. No guidance and no words of salvation. It is not the time or the place for speaking with any certainty.

Now is a time for connection and questions. What can I give? What do you need? How can I be of service, at this time? I ask this as an individual who cares, and as the editor of a publication whose foundations are built on care.  

We will continue to publish stories we feel are relevant and useful but would love to hear from you, too, about what you might find nourishing and supportive. Stories, initiatives, new ideas. How can I/we be of service to you? If you have suggestions or requests please get in touch at I’d love to hear from you.

Please, all, stay safe in your burrows. May they be warm and loving and cosy. May there be shafts of light in the darkness. May there be shoots of green from the earth. May you breathe strong and deep and clear.

May we all – somewhere, somehow – find a place to grow.

With love and care,

Georgina Reid