Robert Champion

Robert Champion is the founder of TARN and a casual academic at the University of Technology Sydney. His love of plants developed early at two diametrically opposed locations: his grandparents’ park-like orchard, and a hut on a wind-beaten bluff within rugged New Zealand bush. He seeks to harmonise the emotional with the analytical.


My Pal Mel: An Ecstatic Encounter with an Endangered Plant

BotanicaRobert Champion makes friends with an endangered plant.

The Value of Front Gardens in a Pandemic, and Always

GardensAn ode to the importance of front gardens in challenging times.

Seeking Refuge: How Australian Plants use Soil for Shelter

BotanicaRobert Champion explores the clever fire-shelter tactics of Australian plants.

In a Tangle: the Debate over New Zealand’s Small Leaved Shrubs

BotanicaRobert Champion untangles the mystery of New Zealand's small leaved, divaricating plants.