Peter Whyte

Peter Whyte is an award winning commercial and fine art photographer based in Hobart. Since the 1980s Peter has been photographing the best of Tasmania, with international assignments in Italy, New Zealand and the Republic of Kiribati. A keen fly-fisher, bush-walker, home-cook and gardener, he harbors a fascination for dying botanical things. VIEW PETER’S WEBSITE, FACEBOOK & FLICKR

Emerging, Decaying

Art & DesignA photographic exploration of the temporal nature of existence by Peter Whyte.

Saffron: The Priciest Spice

Art & Design, BotanicaDid you know saffron is more expensive than gold? Check out these stunning images (and a time-lapse video) by Peter Whyte of the most precious spice.

Moments of the Sublime: The Flower Photography of Peter Whyte

Art & DesignThere is a strange irony in the human penchant for displaying cut flowers in the home –…