Natasha Grogan

Natasha Grogan is the founder of The Sage Garden, a holistic education provider offering organic gardening, music therapy and yoga incursions throughout Melbourne. Natasha is a primary and Steiner teacher and horticulturist specialising in gardening. She’s partial to a drink, good food, live music and catching up with family and friends.

A Succulent Love Story

BotanicaNatasha Grogan used to HATE succulents. But not anymore!

Abandon and Opportunity in the Veggie Garden

BotanicaA tale of hope and in the wake of garden destruction (by rats!).

On Identity and Gardening

CultureNatasha Grogan found her true identity in the garden.

Play Date with Natasha Grogan

People"It's in play that children find their confidence, their imagination and their passions," says Natasha Grogan.

Food Gardening: The Ultimate in Surprise Seeking

HarvestNatasha Grogan reckons food gardening is the easiest way to inject joy and surprise into your life.