Lucy Klippan

Lucy is a designer who doesn’t know a lot about plants, but gee, she likes them. She likes drawing and photographing them too, which makes contributing to The Planthunter a bit of a dream. Lucy enjoys illustrating ridiculous puns and generally making fun of life under the alias Loose Cannon. VIEW LUCY’S WEBSITE, INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK

Love Letters to the Eucalypt

CultureAn essay on the Eucalyptus tree as a symbol of Australian nationalistic passion. A great story by Lucy Kaldor.

Silk: It’s Just Leaves & Spit

Art & DesignIt’s steamy and lush. A big muddy river is coursing between verdant mountains and under thunderously grey…

Power to the Flower

CultureIf flowers symbolise love, what does it mean to poke a carnation down the loaded barrel of a soldier’s gun?