Lucy Kaldor

Lucy Kaldor has been a plant hunter since the age of about 6 months when she devised an urgent sort of grunting noise to signal that her mother ought to pick a red bottlebrush flower from every tree they passed, thanks very much. Her History honours thesis was about gum trees.

Love Letters to the Eucalypt

CultureAn essay on the Eucalyptus tree as a symbol of Australian nationalistic passion. A great story by Lucy Kaldor.

Power to the Flower

CultureIf flowers symbolise love, what does it mean to poke a carnation down the loaded barrel of a soldier’s gun?

To Not Forget

Botanica, CultureA funny, sad, and beautiful story by Lucy Kaldor involving her mothers funeral, Eucalyptus macrocarpa, and artist Laura Jones.

No Patriotism in Exaggeration

CultureOn the second-last day of the 1888-1889 Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition a new photographic exhibit appeared in…

Pretty Girls Make Good Fertilizer

CultureWriter Lucy Kaldor explores the growing (ha!) green burial movement.