Karina Sharpe

Karina Sharpe is a Queensland based conceptual artist, specialising in conceptual imagery and product photography. With a background in both industrial design and mechanical engineering, Karina spent much of the last decade operating in the world of product design. More recently, images and ideas have been demanding her full attention. VIEW KARINA’S WEBSITE, INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK


Accidental Smoothie: Patterns, Plants & Art!

Art & DesignA whole lot of plants and patterns underpin Karina Sharpe's 'Accidental Smoothie' series.

Plant Geometry: A Design Study

Art & DesignA series of images exploring the transient nature of plants (and humans) through the momentary recording of plant geometry. Images and words by Karina Sharpe.

The Battle for Supremacy: Plants vs. People

CultureA brilliant essay by artist and thinker Karina Jean Sharpe on the power struggle between people and plants.