Jo Hoban

Jo is an editor and writer . She’s particularly intrigued by artists’ creative processes, inspiration, working/living spaces, and lifestyles. She lives in a leafy pocket of Brisbane with her green-thumbed husband, and their two young kids. VIEW JO’S WEBSITEINSTAGRAM

Jennifer Orland: Ceramicist & Gardener

Art & DesignJennifer Orland's ceramics practice is inspired by her garden.

Man Cheung’s Hong Kong

PeopleMan Cheung focuses his camera lens on the renegade plants of Hong Kong.

The Peasants of Pleasantville: A visit to Seed Savers HQ

HarvestMichel and Jude Fanton are some of the seediest folk I’ve ever met, in the best possible…

Carolyn Barker: The Radish Alchemist

PeopleBy bridging the wonderful worlds of root vegetables and metalsmithing, radishes have finally managed to capture my…