Belinda Evans

Belinda is an artist, designer, and maker based in Melbourne. Obsessed with the beauty and imperfection of the natural world, Belinda spends plenty of time with her eyes pointed downwards and her pockets full of treasures from the earth.  She attempts to capture the imperfect beauty of nature in the form of wood, clay, textiles and photography. VISIT BELINDA’S WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

Indigenous Agriculture: Australia’s hidden past

CultureBelinda Evans looks at Bruce Pascoe's latest book, 'Dark Emu', about pre-colonial farming practices in Australia.

Make your own Smudge Stick

How-ToCleanse and scent your space with a home made Australian native smudge stick.

True Indigo Dyeing: The Fermented Vat

Art & Design, CultureAboubakar Fofana is a master natural indigo dyer dedicated to sharing his passion for ancestral growing, weaving and dyeing skills throughout the world.

Growing a Dye Garden

GardensTucked away in the Dandenong Ranges just outside of Melbourne, Myf Walker’s garden is filled with botanical treasures that any serious natural dyer would love to get their hands on.

Etched: Tattoos & Memory

CultureAs a child, I spent many hours watching the arms of my grandfather, studying the faded tattoos…