Angharad Johnson

Angharad Johnson is a Melbourne-based nature enthusiast with qualifications in marine science and biological photography. She also has a passion for art history, yoga and countryside strolls. After a decade in the U.K. she currently images herbarium specimens at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.



Written in the Trees: The Roots of Arborglyphs

CultureAn exploration of the history of human mark-making on trees.

Battlefield Botanicals: Plant Use During War

BotanicaThe bloodstained history of plants as healers, harmers and sustenance in warfare.

Green Light: Photographic Nostalgia from the Garden

Art & DesignYou know those brilliant pics of your mum and dad in flares and crochet tops? You can thank the plant kingdom for them.

Wild Motherhood (Orchid Hunting in Cyprus)

CultureA tale of orchid hunting in Cyprus with a baby botanist.