Alisa Bryce

Alisa Bryce is a soil scientist and writer. She likes working with soil, playing with soil, writing about soil, admiring road cuttings, and browsing foreign supermarkets. Her book Grounded: How soil shapes the games we play, the lives we make and the graves we lie in is due on bookshelves in 2022.  CHECK OUT ALISA’S WEBSITE

Memories of Soil

BotanicaIf soil could speak, 'unprecedented' would not be in its vocabulary.

Banking Soil: A Thought Experiment

Botanica, CultureWhat's the real value of the dark, 'dirty' world beneath our feet?

We’re all Made of Dust (An ode to Humus)

Botanica, CultureIn the beginning there was The Word. And that word was Humus.

Soil: Nature’s Intestines

BotanicaThe incredible importance of the zombie world beneath our feet.