Alex Reznick

Alex Reznick is a Sydney based photographer and retoucher. He has assisted and retouched for some of Australia’s top fashion and advertising photographers. When he’s not on set, he can be found roaming through the aisles at his local hardware store, making furniture or planting veggies in his rooftop garden. VISIT ALEX’S WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK

Eat Your (Sea) Greens!

HarvestGal Dente swap classic ingredients for seaweed in four recipes that will change the way you eat!

Food on the Run 3: Hearty Winter Veggies

HarvestThe Gal Dente gals head to Kurrawong Organics, on the hunt for hearty winter vegetables

Food on the Run 2: Roadside Truffle & Cream Spaghetti

HarvestThe Gal Dente girls are back with the second instalment of their recent food road trip extravaganza - Black truffles from Oberon!

Food On The Run: Car Baked Apples

HarvestCreative food duo Gal Dente fire up the Car-B-Q!

Recipe: Rose & Garlic Chicken

HarvestRose & Garlic Chicken?! Yes, please! This recipe by Gal Dente is the last in their series of companion plant based food treats. It's a winner. Yum.

Recipe: Sweet Cabbage and Camomile Cake

HarvestGal Dente continue their exploration of companion plants that work both in the garden AND the kitchen with this rather curious recipe combining cabbage and camomile!

Recipe: Strawberry & Baby Spinach Salad

HarvestAnother recipe by Gal-Dente exploring the connections between plants in the garden and how they translate in the kitchen. Such a brilliant concept! This one sounds delicious...

Recipe: Roast Fennel & Dill Dip

HarvestThe first in a series of four recipes based on plant connections by food styling duo Gal Dente.

Crispy Polenta Squares with sauteed dandelion

HarvestMost people would recognise dandelions from their childhood, picking the yellow flowers and blowing the dried seed…

Recipe: Chickweed & Mallow Salad With Pear, Hazelnuts, & Balsamic Reduction

HarvestChickweed and Mallow are very common weeds in our area of Sydney. They also happen to be…

Recipe: Stinging Nettle Tart with Goat’s Curd & Parsley

HarvestStinging nettles sting. We all know that. They’re also weeds. But, as always, there are two sides…

Recipe: Nasturtium Pesto Linguine

HarvestWeeds. They’re just plants growing in the wrong place. They’re also free and abundant, and (if edible!)…