‘There is a loveable quality about the actual tools. One feels so kindly to the thing that enables the hand to obey the brain…..without it, the brain and the hand would be helpless.’ (Gertrude Jekyll)

In need of beautiful, interesting, unique botanically inspired accruements for indoors and out? Find them here! Tools, furniture, fashion, and accessories inspired by plants, made of plants, made for plants. We’ve got ‘em all…

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Talking Shop: Lisa Lockhart from Garden Objects

Art & Design, Culture, GoodsA chat with the co-creator of one of our favourite online garden ware stores, Garden Objects.

Goods (and happenings) in the Garden: April Edit

GoodsPlanty products and a bunch of Autumn events. April = sorted

Talking Shop: The Plant Room

Art & Design, Culture, GoodsWe chat to the owner of the best little plant shop in Manly, Emma McPherson.

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GoodsBig news, hot off the press!

Garden Goods: The Crafty Edit

GoodsA winter round up of crafty, planty goods by Amber Creswell Bell.

The Lazy Season Pot

GoodsA product collaboration between The Planthunter and The Fortynine Studio. The Lazy Season is a plant pot unlike any other.

It’s Tool Time!

GoodsIt is a myth to say that garden hardware is all utilitarian and ugly. In fact, we…

Visions of Utopia

Art & Design, GoodsI reckon if The Planthunter launched a textile range, it would look very much like the fabric…