Plant Portraits

Why are ugly babies and dangerously adored pooches the only ones who get the opportunity for studio portraits?! Who decided plants are not worthy of such attention? It certainly wasn’t us here at The Planthunter. Of course not. Just so you know, my thoughts on the subject run along the lines of ‘Why would you photograph an ugly baby when you could photograph a plant?’

Luckily, talented Sydney photographer Daniel Shipp shares my sentiments. All I had to do was mention ‘Plant Portraits’ and before I knew it I was dropping off a box of my favourite pot plants to his studio for some green glamour shots. I reckon the results speak for themselves. Although I am a little biased I guess…

Where is the link to Shelter, you ask? Well, in many ways, I think plants are a wonderful place to take shelter. Pot plants (and plants in general, of course), whether indoors or out, make me feel at home. What is a home if not a place of shelter? In my mind, this fact elevates the humble pot plant to something very important, and thoroughly worthy of a sexy glamour portrait!