Carine Thevenau: Tin Can Apartment

Tin Can Apartment is a brand new photographic series by Sydney based photographer Carine Thévenau. Passionate about architecture, nature, and living simply, Carine created the series as an abstract representation of a world where humans and nature exist in harmony.

Everyday manufactured items such as tuna tins, kitchen sponges, and soft drink cans represent inner city apartment blocks and the leafy foliage represents Mother Nature.

Rather than focusing on the theme of ‘man vs nature’ Carine has chosen to consider how we can create leafy green environments within our urban jungles, where both plant life and buildings are given equal attention, neither element presiding over the other… She says;

In this photo series I decided to create a portrait of urban living without using people. I had the constraint of not being able to make architecture models myself (which would be too literal anyway), so I sourced predesigned objects built to contain and protect their contents in the same way an apartment protects its inhabitants, and of a similar scale to architecture models, like a can of sardines. By combining leaf samples from around my neighbourhood with everyday manufactured objects available in the home and at the local store I created the series Tin Can Apartment.

Living Like a Can of Sardines
Paper Cup Mews
Sponge Highrise
Styrofoam Block
Tissue Box Studios Complete With Green Wall